Time for Change in Teacher Education Programmes

"It is time to downsize, focus and engage with PBL in reshaping teacher training for the 21st century."

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So, to build on this, how would you improve teacher training to help all students be supported to and through college? 

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Hello Eoin, this was the major gap in my teacher training. I would always ask can you show me how this is supposed to look in my actual class.  Because theory was not working.  What do you think the next steps should be? 

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YES!!! Exactly what you just said... I couldn't agree more. My daughter, 24, is a first year classroom teacher in East Harlem, NY and getting her masters in education at a well known and respected grad school. She tells me that most of what they do in classes is USELESS!! And sadly, that is what I remember from my education studies as well. We MUST redo teacher training! I wonder if you'd like to team up? If so contact me-my info is on the coaches page.