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Blow the current grading system up! To foster success, let students choose how they show mastery of the standards.

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Why should teachers be the only ones who understand the standards. Lay it out for the students. Give them options of classes to show mastery. Give them options of how they will demonstrate mastery. When they have, they can check it off. If they need to retake a class, or try to master a skill again, then they are in charge. It is their choice if they master all that is needed, and in what time frame. 

This will require a new grading software program. One where all the standards, and practices are listed. Teachers/ administrators will be able to write in to the program in what way the student met the standard. If we want it to be a portfolio, we should have a link to the student work that could be scanned in. Or it could link to a WEB page where the student work can be viewed. 

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Hey Emily, 

Intriguing idea!! (Real) Mastery, in my opinion, demands ownership and intrinsic motivation and I love how your idea begins to reframe it in that direction! I would love to know more about how this could work. What would be your steps to implement this in your school? How might you go about prototyping this without having to wait for new grading software?