Student-Teacher Conferences

Foster more student-teacher conferences instead of parent-teacher conferences

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It would be great if there were opportunities for students and teachers to meet for individual conferences about grades. This can be student or teacher requested. Teachers would have office hours, maybe an hour after school or even during the school day. Students and teachers can request meetings via an online portal, which would allow for scheduling. 


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I'm a fan of interactions between teachers and students. I had close relationships with mine, and as uncomfortable as it was to receive harsh criticism, it only motivated me to do better.

I do have a few follow up questions: At what level were you thinking to implement this? High school? Middle school? How is this different from open office hours? And how do you make the student or even teacher accountable to set up a meeting?

I also think meeting about more than grades is valuable. I think it's sometimes dangerous to build a teacher-student relationship around grades. Instead, using that time to get to know one another. That way, trust can be built.

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I like it, Kristian! What if these conferences were student-led? That way, students get accustomed to being at the center of their education, OR... college search. So many students struggle to articulate what they want to experience in colleges b/c they are accustomed to looking to adults to decide for them. HMW carefully guide students down their own path of exploration by using previously existing tools such as College Board's "Big Futures" resource?