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Bring graduated students back often to unconference with current high school students about their college successes, failures and struggles.

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High schools need to be better at preparing students for social situations faced in college. High school students would be more inclined to listen to Student College Coach, someone in the trenches, close to there age, rather than an adult lecture on the trials and tribulations they will encounter in college.  My daughter just finished college, she is full of advice for coping with roommate issues, difficult professors, time management, peer pressure, home sickness, relationships, and the list goes on. Most parents and teachers attended college decades ago and knowledge is antiquated due to rapid cultural changes on college campuses. The unconference format would be a safe environment to allow high school students the opportunity to ask the hard questions they have about college with their recently graduated peers. 


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Hi Janine-- would love to see if we can fuse both our ideas together. Unconference meets college coaches. Interested in setting up a hangout to collaborate?

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