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I am new to the idea of Design Thinking, and the Teacher's Guild. I have found that the past few days I am really thinking about the process and how we can improve every little step....I have been inspired.  This is something that we get lazy in.  We get going in our day to day activities and forget that we need to constantly improve, brainstorm, and challenge ourselves to help students. I love being able to hear all these ideas, and realize that I don't have a central place to access info for school counseling.  I have ASCA, or my state Counseling Association, but not a place where I can see how counselors (nation-wide) are doing specific strategies in school.

I would love a platform where I can subscribe, ask a question and get new ideas.  How do other counselors distribute scholarship information, how do you get teachers on board to help, how do you manage your time to make sure you're available for all student's needs, what does your forecasting form look like, etc?  Maybe this exists and I don't know about it.  If so, please let me know.  :)


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