Reading makes one confident and composed

Reading corner in the class to well spend the free time between classes or during breaks

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  • I inspired my students to contribute one of their books to the reading corner,which remains in the class for a month and the kids get to read others books by choice. Mostly encyclopedias and favourite story book series are around and everyone feels elated sharing and enjoying each others books.of course the books are maintained by a monitor and a record is maintained as to who has borrowed whose book.
  • It was a great success in my grade 3. As the proud owners were eulogised for their collections and they thanked their friends for liking and reading their books. And in return the borrowers thanked them for sharing their books.


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Most welcome friends . I'm happy what I tried in a very nominal level has great prospects in  a vast magnitude.  I can suggest a lot about peer to peer mentorship as well. I introduced mentorship in my class frlor the newcomers. As they felt uncomfortable to go about the school curricula and the rules and regulations, the mentors generally who have been in the school since its inception or at least couple years guide them around and help them in the new system. They are ones who are good in studies and can render a helping hand in work completion and making the newcomers settle down faster.
The reading corner definitely made the kids confident and they learnt amazing time management and focus towards work , books, etc., they hyperactive ones were also taken care of who learnt to spend calming time by reading story books or the encyclopedias.
I'm  impressed finding this forum which is spending time and thought about a better future for the coming generations.

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