Peel Back the Curtain: Admission Questions Answered by Experts

Offer digital office hours/webinars designed by admission experts to address key components of application process

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Possible FAQ Topics

The School Visit

How to Research a College

How to Create a Balanced List

What does 'fit' mean?

How do you pay for college?


Letters of Recommendation



How are decisions made?

Timeline of the Application Calendar

FAQ's could be accessible at any time and linked to experts' contact.  Experts would be available for live chat, appointments, online office hours, email to address additional questions beyond FAQ.


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Meredith, this is a great idea!!!!
I think a resource like this could go a long way and would really think it could be powerful if the people answering these questions were coached peers. Looking across the screen at a fellow 15 or 16 yr old could really shape the experience.

I wonder as well if there is a need for a more elementary version that answers even more basic questions like "where do I start?", "why should I consider college?", what if I don't want to go to school...what then?"

Photo of Meredith Herrera

Yes Chris, definitely!  I think the idea could be scaled up or down, to younger or older audiences.  Peer to peer advising is so powerful.  I might say the same thing as a student's best friend, but when it comes from the best friend, it takes on a whole new level of meaning.  Maybe something where both constituents could maintain a presence?