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You cannot build character during just half of a student's day.

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Schools and families must have a partnership to support the development of students on their journey to being decent young people. 


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Hi Jen, 

Like others, I see this idea as being critical.  Partnership is so key.  I'm wondering how you see this play out or how you'd like to see this play out in the work that you do?  It'd be great to put some bones into this wonderful idea.

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Hi Jen, 

Great point! Like Michael, I'm really interested to know what are some of the ways you envision for building this partnership with parents? I love his suggestion about creating rubrics of norms for each community. What do you think? 

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Hi Jen, I 100% agree with you. It must be a partnership. So my question is, how do we build this partnership? And, how do we build this partnership that works with working parents schedule? 

As every school and community is different, I wonder if we could create a doc, pdf, slideshow, etc. with guidelines for schools to create their own rubric of "norms" that works in their community.  For example, first step is to hold a meeting where the community brainstorms what they value most. Could be respect, honest, gratitude. From there, the school and community could establish and promote the norms throughout the community. And so on. 

What do you think? Curious to hear your opinion. 


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Hi Jen, You are so right about needing a partnership. We are all in this together. This is a great idea to develop further during the Ideate phase. There are some great posts from the Discover phase that can provide inspiration as you  move forward.