Parent Brag Sheet w/ Custom, Automated Feedback

After a student's parent completes a "Parent Brag Sheet" they are promptly sent custom feedback related to the unique needs of the family.

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Often college counselors ask parents to complete a "Parent Brag Sheet" to provide more information about the unique backgrounds of their student.  The counselor uses the information to tailor the college advising they provide to the student and family and they use it to shape the counselor letter of recommendation they write.

I propose creating a Parent Brag Sheet that will not only give feedback to the counselor, but will also automatically email the parent (and student) information about the unique needs of their student and family based on the responses.


Parent indicates that the student will be a first generation college student.

  • Automatic email sends a list of scholarships for first generation college students and other resources for first generation students.

Parent indicates that she is a military veteran.

  • Automatic email sends resources for the dependents of military veterans.

I have attached a sample Parent Brag Sheet for review.  I would love assistance on how to provide specific feedback for the subjective questions too.  Perhaps a keyword system could be used?

Have a doc or slides that you're collaborating in? Link it here.

Sample Parent Brag Sheet:


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oh yeah! And definitely start a google doc! Donna Teuber coaching is AMAZING - she can help you dig into this more. 

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I love the idea of having a form that helps to organize parent needs around their students, and automates the delivery of resources! What a great idea! 

I wonder what other types of engagements - beyond an automated email - might help to make this even more useful? 

Really great concept! 

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Hi Jennifer, What a great idea for gathering information about students so that you can provide better assistance! I can see how an automated platform could be helpful in streamlining the process. I'm happy to help with brainstorming. You can create a Google doc and link it to your idea so that others can join in. I look forward to seeing how this idea develops!