One day Orientation is overwhelming. Break this into a week long session and have challenges for students each day to solidify learning.

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We tend to cram all that a student needs to know into one Orientation session.  The excitement and the fear of meeting new people and being at a new place is intimidating enough.  Throwing in the multitude of things they need to know to be successful is onerous.  Orientation is best done in blocks over a period of  a week with students given challenges each day of the week to complete in order to "experience" the things they need to do and learn rather than simply fill them up with knowledge and expect them to remember all that they need to know.

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Hi Frank, 

Great idea! I do think some schools do longer orientations-- did you have a specific program in mind that inspired you or is this something you’ve tried before in you school? If so, how did it go? If not, what would be your steps to implement this?