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Let them Moodle their way through College

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Moodle is a great interactive platform for online learning and creating support groups, there are many Teachers worldwide either retired or part time that would be more than able to join in force as online mentors providing support in forums set up within the moodle. The Support forums would also allow peer to peer feedback as well as Teachers acting as Moderators. 

The Moodle platform allows for Badges and Certificates, it has a tracking system and can be set up to suit the requirements ensuring a step by step process is undertaken by College Students.

The platform would entail students actively participating in putting into practice their skills by video presentations, creating their own tutorials about their experiences and sharing within the platform. Discussing and presenting - role playing their futures. The Moodle is open 24 hours round the clock, accessible on smart phones/ tablets/lap tops - allowing Teachers worldwide to be available to assist in the Forums. The teachers build an online rapport with the students that helps strengthen student self appraisal and confidence. 

I have participated as a Learner and Moderator in many Moodle for Teachers organized by Dr Nellie Deutsch. We have recently collaborated with dedicated moderators and completed five week courses online for M4T EVO 2016 & TEFL2YL EVO 2016 (EVO - Electronic Village Online)


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Thanks for the great idea! What might this look like for a teacher or professor who has never used Moodle before?

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Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your comment! The Moodle is not so difficult to use or manage, and there are available courses by Dr Nellie Deutsch (where I moderate on some courses) that provide moodle training.

You can go and see this moodle course run by Dr Nellie   free to enroll and it will give you an idea of what the Moodle looks like.

The great thing about the Moodle is that it has different roles that have diverse 'authorization' to make modifications - e.g. Moodle Administrator has total control; Manager has somewhat limited control; Teacher has limited control. Allowing any organization to set up the Moodle to ensure -for example- the didactic paths are maintained by the Teacher, the logistics of the site are maintained by Admin; the Course modifications by Managers. 
Go to the Youtube channel and look at the Moodle tutorials.

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