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Achievement is personal. Make them protagonist of their personal development to reach college and take advantage of it

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Selfregulation and autonomy are main objectives in Education. I use a very simple instrument to make students responsible of their own path to college: a Selfdevelopment Planning. We agree about some faults and goals at the beginning of the year, and design a step by step plan to work on them. Every student write that down with a tutor and they check on the plan every two weeks, to see how is going on and modify what needed.

I try to include in the plan personal, academic, soft and social skills. The "big idea" is to make them conscious, to have them taking decitions on their goals and actions. Frequently they do not achieve every goal, but they do not care much about it, because they have discover themselves as protagonist of their lives in the process.  They ride their lives, and this gives them a sense of achievement, success and personal satisfaction. Students become more reflective, change their attitudes and behaviors, motivate themselves, and support each other on their struggles.

Main point: Forget about contents, work on thinking skills.

Important questions: help them to be realistic and specific in the planning and give them encouragement and support from time to time.

To have in mind: Start as soon as posible! 


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Awesome! Maybe we can start a Google Doc that shows what an example Self Development plan could look like at different levels of schooling and figure out how to help teachers guide students in using them? 

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