Kids Lead Informational Interview with Professionals

Kids will come up a list of professional fields, search for proper interviewees, come up questions and conduct the interviewes

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Quite often when we said "I want to be a scientist/actor/engineer", we don't really know what it means, just think that would've be cool. In this project, kids will initiate their own club/group and will lead the following activities, either online or offline:

1. brainstorm the professional fields they want to interview; 

2. recruit more students to join;

3. search proper interviewee candidates;

4. connect the interviewees through Linkedin/Facebook/personal connection, schedule the interview; 

5. brainstorm proper interview questions; like how does your routine day look like; what's the biggest challenge in your career; how to get there if I want to be a doctor......

6. lead the informational interview;

7. summarize and post on social media.

By doing these, kids not only learn more about each profession, also learn to be an initiator, communicator, and collaborator. 


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Interviewing is such a powerful learning tool. My 6th graders interview professionals as part of their I-Search project each year. It is always the most impactful part of their learning process. I also think this model would work well as part of the learning process if the un-iversity idea I am playing with ( 

Thank you for the inspiration!


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