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Students can set up internships during their school-day schedule to try out different jobs throughout high school.

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In my high school, they piloted a program where seniors were able to rearrange their schedule to fit in an internship. The students had to pick their top 3 interests and submit it to the teachers. The school reached out to community members who offered to take on student interns. The students had to interview for the internship and were expected to show up, dress appropriately, and learn! After each semester, they were able to leave the internship and find a new one or stay to continue growth within that area. The students also had a reflective piece to the internship that monitored their understanding of the company as well as their interest in that area. I think this program is extremely beneficial and should start before senior year of high school. I was part of this program and it allowed me to see the connection between school and the working world. I was able to see how my knowledge would need to be transferred into the work place. It also allowed me to see what kind of working environment would be best for me in the future. 


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You might check in with Lisa Palmieri, Ph.D. - her school partners with local businesses in the Pittsburgh area to provide internships and work/study opportunities. 

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