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Develop a program to connect with students before graduating to serve as mentors as they enter the post-secondary world.

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Before students leave high school and go off to their post-secondary endeavors (military, vocational school university, etc.), I'd like to develop a program that would build connections with them. As they graduate and move on, I would like to see them serve as mentors (face-to-face and/or virtual) with current students. This would help secondary students of all types to see their options, talk to someone on their level, and find support and/or inspiration that may help them succeed post-secondary, too. Additionally, the recent graduates would have both a purpose, but also a tie back to supports that might be able to assist them as they transition to their first year in the "real world."

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Thanks Clint for using my idea as inspiration!  I like your idea of connecting them before they leave high school. I would like to add a thought on providing incentives (compensation, credit, etc.) for the students in college.  It's been my experience that students have intentions to come back, and some do, but they get wrapped up in their new "real world" and it becomes challenging to actually do so.  I don't know exactly where incentives would come from, but if colleges had buy in, maybe a form of work-study, hours of participation in a club, or some kind of recognition.  It would encourage all types of students to return, rather than just the "high fliers".  

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Thanks for the thoughts, Shawna. I added your ideas to the Google Doc. Unfortunately, intrinsic motivation isn't always going to be the best motivator for every participant, but I like that your ideas were centered on supporting positive interactions rather than just "pay them!". :-)