High School Graduate Courses

If we want our students to be lifelong learners, why do we stop teaching them just because they've graduated?

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Schools can increase communication between the institutions and the graduates by offering those graduates classes at the school during college break "seasons".  The classes could fall into any number of categories from post-secondary versions of secondary disciplines to "real world" concerns that traditional schooling often misses to passion projects.


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I like this idea, and I see how it can directly connect to some of my ideas I've posted for this challenge:(Re)Thinking Diplomas to Mirror Mastery 
From Credits to Microcredentials 
Explicitly Connect CTE & HS 

It's way beyond time we started rethinking the "Credit" system and focused on depth of learning in our systems design and approach.  I love how this idea focuses on providing students opportunities to deepen their learning, even if they have already met our pre-existing expectations.  Thanks!

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