Google Expeditions College Tours on the horizon...

If they do it well, Google Expeditions might bring the college experience to a student’s door.

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My school hosted Google Expeditions 2 weeks ago. Expeditions are virtual visits to places a school bus cannot go, or to places you cannot go for whatever reason. Using Google Cardboard and a special app (still in beta), students can have an immersive experience in far-flung places like Mars or even underwater... or not such far-flung places, like Historic Philadelphia.

Our Google partner let me know that they are planning on adding college tours to their app. This could have great potential, if done well, for adding depth to the college application process for those students who cannot visit a college in person. I am imagining the tour could be a virtual version of The Insider's Guide to Colleges. That is, not just the pretty ivy-colored facades, but an unvarnished look at college life in all its groady glory. :-) 


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So very cool.

I wonder how this might be implemented. Would the university control the development of the experience (not unlike hiring a pr firm to create a commercial)

Or could individual students create their own?

Maybe even update it at the end of each year of their experience.
You could have the perspective from freshmen, sophomores, grad students etc...

and everyone would have their own  specific - sub cultural - unique - take!!!

Completely unsterilized and unsanctioned - or as Barbara Lee says in it's "Groady Glory"

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