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Students go by themselves on college visitation, what if a whole school went and felt the college atmosphere together.

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College visitation can be overwhelming and great experience to get students in the door to colleges.  What if a school took their whole student population on a college visit and sat in on what classes looked like, ate food in the cafeteria, and felt the whole college atmosphere together.


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Great idea. Visiting a college campus is a proven indicator of college attendance. A visit during middle school is helpful to set aspirations for low-income students. Including parents is another win. Keep costs down by visiting the closest campus to your high school, including the local community college or 4-year regional public. These visits are also good candidates for fundraising through Donors Choose. 

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I wouldn't have even thought about fundraising, don't colleges normally put up the money, because visiting a college gets students to go there?

Including parents is a great idea, since most of our parents haven't gone to college. (It is foreign to them what college is about.)

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Some colleges have generous budgets for visits, but others don't. You'll just need to test those waters with your local institutions. 

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