Engaging Our Elders

Senior citizens serve as online mentors for high school students through the college search and application process... and into adulthood.

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As the baby boomers rise to and through retirement, they serve as a remarkable resource of encouragement and experience for our youth. In order to remain active and resilient in society, seniors benefit from maintaining a sense of connection and purpose. Engaging Our Elders will connect high school juniors with residents in nursing homes and retirement communities around the country for facilitated conversations about the future. 

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Hi Jessica,

I am totally fond of the idea of using Senior Citizens and like Donna Teuber it does remind me too of Sugata Mitra's granny cloud!

I believe the MOODLE would be the best platform to use for the Seniors to work from and as far as enticing the College students, as Donna Teuber says, to actually seek this experience then one way would be to make the Moodle course final certificate/attendance record count on their CV's. However the Moodle experience in itself is well worthy of a note in CV's.

Go to this site for more info on the Moodle courses run by Dr Nellie Deutsch  https://moodle4teachers.org/  for online training.
Or enrol free to experience the moodle at https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=93

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