Do as you say, don't just say what to do

Model skills, behaviors and processes you want students to embody, exemplify lifelong learning, develop empathy and show grit.

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Keeping it real is a very important part of being a good teacher, especially when working with teenagers. Put your money where your mouth is and do everything you ask your students to do. Let them see your process, let them see your failures, let them savour the joy of eventual success with you. Transition from theory to action. Not only do you deepen your understanding of what you need to teach, you gain the respect of your students. After all, if you can't do it- why should you expect your students to?

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Elizabeth, this is so great.
I think one of the most powerful learning experiences can occur when we observe or spend time with a mentor, or teacher, someone we look up to and respect, and we watch them struggle through something they don't understand and then persevere!

It is even more powerful if we go through that experience together.

I could see this as a shared learning experience where all parties, teacher and student - come to the problem completely green and start from the same point. Learning, failing, experimenting, together.

Here, teacher and student become role models for each other!

Excited to see how this develops!!!!!

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Hi Elizabeth, I love the idea of teachers being role models for students. What would a program look like? You can set up a Google doc for collaboration. Tiffany just posted a similar idea. You may want to connect and start putting details in a doc. I'm happy to join in and help.

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Thanks so much for setting up the doc! I look forward to collaborating!