Cross-departmental Courses

Cross-departmental courses in place of certain general education credits.

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Traditionally, general education credits are meant to help students explore their interests and passions before diving into their programs and/or majors. By offering cross-departmental/cross-listed courses students will have more of an opportunity to explore ideas. This will also provide students with the opportunity to understand how interconnected many disciplines are, and being able to draw connections between disciplines is becoming more important then every before. By establishing an accreditation process that requires colleges to mandate students take cross-departmental courses in place of certain general education requirements, students will be exposed to classrooms that are more challenging as well as thought provoking. An environment of this nature will then promote students to think more critically about their interests and discover what they are truly passionate about. 

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I love the idea of more cross-developmental courses. Have you seen examples of this model being done successfully?