College is only a means

The essence of successful learning is to find it in yourself

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College is simply one way of achieving the important goals in your life.  The one essential task is to find yourself and understand what those goals might be that ignite the fire in your inner being.  Once you accomplish that and can clearly connect that fire to your goals, then you can see how college and many other learning experiences might get help you accomplish those goals.


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Elsa, I am impressed you are still with me after my last comments.  I think the first steps to authentic learning are involved in  treating each individual as unique, to help him or her understand the strengths to use and weaknesses to overcome anything that interferes with manifesting that uniqueness.  Each student must learn know him or herself, appreciate that self and be able to realize the potential in that self through dedication to a multitude of personally important goal.  We have to teach in way that makes failing valuable, resilience natural and learning automatic.  Learning is not just about thinking and testing, but emotions, social cohesion, personal reference, intrinsic motivation, authentic environmental connection and so very much more.  The problem is we just don't give teachers much room to get this sort of thing done - but until we do, we will be forced to demand learning extrinsically without allowing our students to fit it into the intrinsic nature of their naturally occurring learning processes.  We are after all creatures of learning who suffer dramatically when that learning potential is denied.

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