College in High Schools for Everyone

What if we could give all students the taste of college no matter the grade level or path

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When it comes to opportunities to college, it seems that we can't offer students enough that they are aware about. After a brainstorming session with my friends at Attollo, a college access program in Lancaster, PA, we came up with a good amount of ideas that we then broSo why not do the following:

1. Integrate a College 101 class into high schools

2. Offer a college-emersion summer class (1-month duration) for students before their Junior year

3. Offer car and bike rentals at high schools for juniors and seniors so that they can take more opportunities relating to colleges and careers

4. Offer a study abroad year for seniors before college, provided they are committed to go to one the next year, to gain experience, learn a language, and to work

5. Offer a class that integrates college upperclassmen with high school upperclassmen

Great ideas to build off of! We already know some happen, so finding out the programs that are successful and making them replicable and affordable is the next step!

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LOVE this idea!  Kudos, Andre!