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As part of freshman core requirements, students are required to volunteer a certain number of hours in a high school as a college advisor.

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Who better to assist high school juniors and seniors through the application process then those who lived it just a short while ago. What if universities made a requirement during freshman year, just like freshman english, that students must volunteer at a high school in the college counseling office? Don't have a college counseling office, even better. These college freshman can advise students how to find a college that is right for them, advise how to pick a major, assist in applying for financial aid (if necessary). They would also be able to speak to the highs and lows of transitioning form high school to college. Students could return to their alma-mater or volunteer at  high school local to their university. This idea also fosters the character skills like gratitude and selflessness.


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Love this idea Michael - this model could be extremely beneficial especially for at-risk youth. Regular check-ins, virtual mentoring and "PLN" evenings could be very supportive. I think about a program I participated in - Strong Girls, Strong Women.. they paired me with a college student (as a young career woman) to help her navigate the waters of college. I think it helped he and I know it helped me and was one of the catalysts for me to leave the corporate world and pursue teaching! 

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