Coaching habits and mindsets that enable college and career success

How might we leverage each individual's inherent creativity and resourcefulness to nurture a set of empowering habits and mindsets?

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Many people, especially the affluent, take advantage of life (and executive) coaching to develop habits and mindsets that enable them to thrive in new and challenging contexts. What if we offered such coaching to young adults, especially those at risk in traditional educational pathways? Might practices with long established traditions and results - such as co-active coaching, for example - enable young people to recognize their resilience and build from that resilience effective and empowering approaches to navigating obstacles in and out of the classroom?

We want to focus on the young adult (20-29, say) who has either never engaged with or has already disengaged with post-secondary opportunities.

Some questions: 

  • How might we reach and engage these students?
  • How might we connect them with a post-secondary opportunity that is meaningful for them? 
  • How might we employ coaching to support them through graduation? 
  • What additional support might they need, and how might we provide that support?

Some ideas/inspirations:


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I love this - Samantha Sutton, then of the Handel Life Coaching Group, did some wonderful work with young folks in the "Design Your Life" program for teens and young adults.    I can put you in contact with her if you're interested. I'm also in a circle of folks using Design Thinking as a proxy for life coaching methods (there are some surprising commonalities!) in colleges around the country - interesting to reach this out beyond college to the folks who have no obvious platform for such courses (yet).

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