Big Brother - Big Sister programs

By pairing a freshman in college with a freshman in high school, both students can learn together!

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What if we paired a high school freshman with a college freshman and keep them connected throughout their four years? A big brother, big sister program can not only allow for meet ups, connections, and information sharing, but also a sense of belonging. The big brother/sister can share their story of their college journey in real time. They can both discuss challenges, successes, and helpful hints along the way. 

Benefits from this idea:

-allows for the high school student to feel confident of the college process before having to apply

-allows for both of the students to feel a sense of belonging and partnership [they don't have to go through this alone!]

-allows for the college student to feel a sense of ownership and since of pride that they are making a difference in someone's life

-allows for the college student to feel responsible to complete college, because someone is counting on them and rooting for them along the way

-allows for the high school student to gain insider information on the college process, class descriptions, and expectations of school


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Hi Kate, I love your idea. Seems like we think similarly. Check out my post College Freshman High School Advisors Want to partner up? Join a team working on this idea? I believe Edwin Lagos Clint Heitz Paula Marra and I are all working on a similar idea. Would you like us to invite you into the google docs that have been started? Have you started your own gdoc? Excited to work on this idea with you.



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I would love to be invited on the Google Docs! I'm excited to partner up with a team and further develop our combined ideas! I have not started on my own Google Doc, so I would love to be invited to participate with you and your team. Just let me know if you need for me to do anything on my end?

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