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Create a badging system to reward students for completing steps in the college application and preparation process.

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3.23.16 Update: As Badge It! has evolved it made sense to connect the idea to work that the iGrad: HS Graduation Plan Digital App group was doing.  Check out the work we are doing on iGrad here:  

In my experience, without an immediate "reward" students often procrastinate on completing assignments/activities that appear to only have long-term benefits.  

I propose the creation of badge system to create that immediate reward sensation that students are seeking.  This badge system will reward a student with badges for completing various parts of the college application readiness process.  The badges can be awarded beginning in middle school and carry through to the student's high school.  The badges will allow the student to see what activities she has already completed and which ones she still need to complete.  Badges will also allow the student's counselor (or other designee) to better monitor, assist, and support the student's work.

Example Badges:

  1. Filling in a student brag sheet.
  2. Taking a practice SAT
  3. Attending a college essay writing workshop
  4. Visiting a college
  5. Taking a virtual college tour



  • Fill in a student brag sheet.
  • Take a practice SAT
  • Take the PSAT
  • Attend a college essay writing workshop
  • Visit a college
  • Take a virtual college tour
  • Fill out FAFSA
  • complete a scholarship application
  • complete a college application
  • Take the SAT/ACT
  • Request a transcript
  • Take a personality quiz
  • Follow high school or college on social media
  • Complete a resume
  • Write a personal statement
  • request a letter of recommendation
  • register for SAT/ACT
  • complete service hours
  • join a club
  • play a sport
  • earn a leadership position in an extracurricular activity


  • Each high school will be able to select and create the specific badges it wants available to students.
  • High schools can set goals for each class depending on grade level.


  • Customizable by school
  • free transcripts
  • college gear
  • scholarships
  • The more badges you earn the higher you rank amongst friends and classmates


  • Students can select “friends” to share their badges with.
  • Students can compare their progress to their friends, grade, and even school


  1. Where can we store the badges?
    1. Naviance exists as a tool both high schools, colleges, and students use to research colleges and send application documentation

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