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Maintain supportive communication with students beyond high school with a social network exclusively for education.

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Imagine the strides that our students could make if the valuable relationships we worked so hard to build with them throughout high school didn’t have to end after graduation.

Imagine being able to switch your personal Facebook page to EDU mode. As a teacher, you can connect with former students without the worry of seeing pictures or content that will make you cringe with discomfort. Students and teachers only share select information on Facebook EDU, and they can connect without anything from their personal Facebook accounts being made visible.

Teachers and students alike earn verified status on Facebook EDU by passing an ethics course which teaches them how to use the site appropriately. Students learn important digital citizenship skills while also keeping their past teachers updated on their lives and professional accomplishments.

A scenario in which a student could benefit from Facebook EDU might be a college freshman who feels as though he doesn't fit in at his school. He earns mediocre grades during his first semester, which is a shock because he was an A/B student in high school. He is seriously considering transferring and moving back home to attend community college or get a job. He misses the atmosphere of his high school, where the teachers all knew his name and encouraged him to work hard.

The student logs into Facebook EDU and connects with his senior Social Studies teacher, who had mentored him closely throughout the writing of his senior thesis paper. The teacher reconnects with the student and shares that he himself had trouble adjusting to university expectations as a freshman. He reminds the student that seeking help from professors during office hours and utilizing the campus tutoring center are great resources to help him prepare for finals. The student heeds his teacher's advice and aces his next set of exams, then posting his results on Facebook EDU. The teacher reacts to his student's post with a "boost of encouragement" and a "proud of you!" thumbs up.

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What an inspiring pitch video!!  Many times, as a teacher, I have found myself wanting something just like this!

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