Timeline For Action

An online planner with entries on steps needed to take to successfully navigate the college application process.

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Hello Mary, love the concept! I love the visual aspects. I  love the idea as a roadmap instead of a to do list.  What if the school counselor was connected to the timeline (interactive) and he/she can plug in new dates, upcoming actions and events.  

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I'm seeing a lot of opportunity in here based on James Campbell comment here.  How might users be able to insert specific information about their pathway as variables -- allowing the game to be customizable while still structured?   It also has me thinking about an idea that I need to put up as well that I think could work in tandem with this one.  

And THAT is why we Teachers Guild.

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The roadmap would help give it a time and visual dimension. And alerts sent out at appropriate times with respect to deadlines etc. would be a great help.

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