The New Name of Networking - Mentoring On a Whole New App Level - Updated 3.23.16

Consider being able to connect to mentors and friends - Creating a whole new accountability system for yourself!

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Let's face it. Some of you are probably reading this post on a phone or some mobile device. Others a laptop. Maybe a Mac? Maybe a PC? Either way, you are connected right now to an electronic network of people, codes, content, and education. What if there was a way to use this network to your advantage?

A few years ago, my friends were all abuzz with this new app. It could track whether or not you were in a gym and for how long. You would buy in and make money for each time you worked out for a specific amount of time at a gym. If you didn't meet your requirements, you had to pay. It was a revolutionary idea that created a network of people that urged you and held you accountable. It gave your reminders and motivations, and it also gave you tips.

How cool would this be if we could transfer this type of system for college students. An app that connected students to a network. You would know when they went to class or not. You would be able to find out if they are making sure they are fighting off that freshman 15 in the gym. Maybe it could be integrated into Facebook with a quick click. You could receive status updates with keywords like fail or success?

This tool would be able to help each college student maintain a support system. They could add new mentors and always have a way to contact them. Now this is only an idea, but how cool of an idea would that be?

Main Functions of Application:


  • Allows students to “Check-In” to class or gym

My Network

  • Holds contact information from friends and mentors
  • Allows you to message mentors/friends through app
  • Allows you to invite mentors/friends to events/tasks/workouts

Social Media

  • Allows you to post to a social media platform
  • Pushes notifications to mentors and friends whenever something is posted this way


  • Allows you to adjust frequency of notifications sent and received
  • Allows you to mute notifications

My Fitness

  • Let’s you record workouts via check-in or app verification of photo
  • Invite friends to workout
  • Reward System - Leaderboard or Pool of Money or Points for rewards

My Grades and Classes

  • Let you input grades (optional) to share with mentors
  • Allows you to list classes - location, time, and teachers and assistants
  • Lists contact information for them as well

Wanted Integrations:

My Tasks, Meetings, and Calendar

  • Let you and mentors view your calendar of meetings, tasks, and classes
  • My Tasks, Meetings, and Calendars
  • Integration of Google, iCal, and Facebook for events

My Grades and Classes

  • Integration of classes on Banner, Blackboard, or through Google Calendar

Social Media

  • Integration of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Maybe Snapchat if parameters are right

My Network

  • Access contact information from contacts of phone and Facebook

Push Notifications for Mentors

  • Class Attendance if missing the same class twice in a row or more than 2 classes a day
  • Grade Notification if student allows and gets a C or Below
  • Social Media Post if done through app

Optional Push Notifications for Mentors

  • Class warning for mentor (e.g. Bio 101 is in 10 Minutes)

Push Notifications for Friends

  • Class Attendance for missing more than 5 classes in a row or the same class 3 times

Optional Push Notifications for Friends

  • Fitness notification if “commitment” created on fitness isn’t fulfilled for a week

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Check out the preview of what the app may look like: Check out more information of the foundation and functions:


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This sounds like an amazing take on the IoT (internet of things - every possible piece of technology connected to each other).  Maybe we can call it the IoM (internet of mentors)?

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