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8th-11th grade students can be given a "mock" college application that they can complete and receive feedback from the application itself.

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Update 3/23/16 4:11 pm -- Here's our pitch video explaining the idea: 


This is a mock college application that anyone can take to quickly learn about what is required for college admissions, and gain helpful feedback on how to make the right choices for them.

I want to reduce the stress associated with completing a college application, and empower students to realize that yes, there is a college out there for them. Even 11th grade juniors are worried about putting the “right” thing on an application – before they have even looked at one!

By taking the mock college app – as many times as they want, under 5 minutes each time – they get a quick look at what an application requires, and accurate information about the many types of students that colleges are looking for.

The many false assumptions kids have are a major influence over what classes they take, how they feel about school, their choice of career, and eventually their decision about whether or not to apply to and persevere through college.

These wrong assumptions include myths like taking a single class will make or break you… that you have to be involved in 10 or more extracurricular activities in high school… or that anyone with a GPA under 4.0 or a SAT score under 2000 can’t get into an amazing college community that is perfectly suited for their needs and interests!

As students complete their mock college app, the app will provide them with breadcrumbs of helpful lessons that come from real college admissions officers, or even college alumni that are just like them. And they get an immediate “result” with information about universities programs, selection criteria, and other resources that exist.

I would love to see something like this featured in counselors offices, linked to financial aid or school websites. To further improve the learning, I imagine making feedback from the app even more carefully adapted for individual students – imagine being an 8th grader in Southeast D.C., and when you finish the 5-minute application, you see a quote from a recent college graduate who grew up in your same neighborhood!

This easy, fast Mock College App is just the right tool to correct misunderstandings by providing students with accurate inforamation that empowers them to pursue their passion with the energy and enthusiasm needed to Reach Way Higher!

Update 3/23/16 3:56 pm 

Update 3/23/16

The app has evolved since the initial idea! I just recorded a video to explain the concept, and later today we will post a slideshow presentation with the most current prototype. 

For now, here are some of our collaboration documents: 


Initial Post: 

The mock college application can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. The mock application can also allow students to check a box next to items that they would like more information about (i.e. first generation scholarships, room and board, majors their unaware of, etc.) and then be provided resources. The entire application can take only five minutes. 

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