Failure is a Part of Life but Those That Pick Their Hula Hoops Up and Try Again Will Succeed with Mentor-ship from People Leading by Example

Edisha Brown BS Exercise Science mentoring 8th grade with hands-on challenges in facing failure what it takes to get to and through college.

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What : Hi this is Edisha Brown with BYOB Training, 'Be Your Own Boss Training' in health and fitness program in this instance is used to help students take charge of life by adding online learning fostered by 'Facebook Live' or other social entity such as 'Google Hangouts' while discussing and interviewing people already in intricate roles which students seek in efforts to help them gain a realistic view of profession and what are best practices in general to sustain a prosperous career within the midst of setbacks. By starting now at the impressionable age students may get molded with what it takes to complete their vision for themselves of who they want to be in life; thereby, directing them towards steps needed such as accepting failures, taking responsibility and exercising their minds to move on from them as many of their inspirational leaders have done.  Incorporating physical activities after the interview and the class discussion gives students more to look forward to: push ups, butt kicks, and high knees fifteen of each because movement is the motivational tool that builds confidence; you heard our First Lady Michelle Obama say, "Let's Move'! 

Where : 'Google Hangouts' (social media real time video exchange).

Why : Mentors that lead by example while relating self-experiences are received well even in the most challenging environments where high insecurities are present due to raging adolescence. For example : as a former 4-year scholarship athlete and graduate from a 'Division I' school in my area of passion which is and has always been 'Exercise Science and Wellness' (major field of study) and 'Psychology' (minor) after my mom told me, "Edisha, you better eat right and exercise. You don't want to grow up and be fat like me." Seeing my mom's courage to maintain strength through failure at age four gave me a passion. Then my dad, a Veteran encouraged me to be proactive about my goals, myself having experienced challenges and enduring failures can thereby help others learn passion and emulate their protege early on in life using the tools I gained in college and profession. Notice the top video 'Grab Your Hula Hoop and Get Sweaty'. One of the students asked me before going live on 'FOX 5 DC', "What do I do if I drop my hula hoop?" My response, "Pick it back up and try again." which we all had to do because that's what really happens from time to time; however, if students do not see that for themselves in someone else especially ones they look up to then that's where the hopelessness begins when students do not even consider furthering their education for fear of failure. In actuality, we all fail but it's those that pick their hula hoops up and try again that then go on to succeed. 

How : Interviewing people not just famous but also the leaders within the community for as little as ten minutes concerning questions on the exercising of the mind it takes constantly to stay abreast of their crafts, the hardships one must endure during the process, the pivots one must make if an initial plan fails, the consistency and persistence of pursuing one's craft it takes to be successful.

When : Weekly in the classrooms using a workbook review schools should have for students centered around each designated interview for further understanding of how students can be inspired with similar goals of individuals from each segment then use the knowledge to plan to attend college centered around field of study which inspires them to emulate the success story.

Interview Review Questions : 

  • Mr./Ms. "Insert Name of Interviewee" as a professional, what would you say are the top 3 aspects of your life that have contributed to your success?
  • Mr./Ms. "Insert Name of Interviewee" we know that as a professional there is study involved, how much of a role do you feel education plays with regards your work?
  • When gaining success many have experienced failures along the way "Mr./Ms. Interviewee", can you give us an example of a situation involving your career that you had to endure a failure or setback which you feel you had to accept responsibility, be the boss and as a result it has helped you to take charge of life?
  • "Mr." we all have techniques that best prep us for tests, dealing with the work week, and daily functionality. Name three best practices at least 1 of which involves physical movement you think could possibly help a student's confidence to remain focused that can be done weekly when preparing for such a career and why?

Post Interview Review Questions for Students :

  1. How do you feel about the interview?
  2. What failure(s) did "Name of Interviewee" face?
  3. How did "Name of Interviewee" endure hardship?
  4. Why is "Name of Interviewee" successful?
  5. When did "Name of Interviewee" decide upon their career or find their passion?
  6. State 3 things "Insert Name of Interviewee" suggested students focus on now to plan for a successful career?
  7. Why do you feel planning or thinking about your career now is important?

Helping Students Build a Better Sense of Self through Learning How to Overcome Peer Pressure and Bullying

  • The BYOBT Fitness segments operates during Oxon Hill Middle School's 'P.E.A.C.E. Time' Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation an acronym deemed by the principal and 8th grade academic dean. With the core academic study of health and fitness during class we relate how healthy it is to be confident in spite of peer pressure and bullying which happens not just in schools but also in the work place, at social functions even from within religious groups; it is an aspect of life we all must deal with at some point. Realizing that hatred is something we all face in many different forms from all walks of life is key to learning how to overcome it. For instance during October the month dedicated towards 'Stop Bullying' as acknowledged by the school, that time was used asking the class how they would feel if someone bullied their parents and each person's response was some form of repercussion not that it was encouraged just wanted them to see the effects which one person can have over an entire family. So, we then discussed how not to be a bully, how to report bullying and how to overcome it with continuing to be themselves: happy, cheerful and goal oriented especially with exercise; as other students see us doing the activities they at times mock us but because we keep going as if the impersonators are not even there the onlookers eventually join in with us! Each day we have the fitness segment students from other classes try and join in on the fitness fun! Learning to persist with activity despite possible judgement and observers being present is important because while working in the fitness industry for 11 years now (combining management experience with other fitness corporations) I still find many are afraid to go to the gym or even perform exercises there in which they would like to try but do not due to fear of being scrutinized; self confidence to persist is also needed for work endeavors and test taking as teachers will be there and employers will look over employees' shoulders. 

Relating Professional Experiences of Real World Leaders in Different Genres for Possible Student Emulation

  • *For example, see attached article below entitled 'Fitness Failure is Key to Truly Reach Desired Results'. A topic discussed in class centered around a diverse group of inspirational people in regards upbringing, environment and career choices: Oprah Winfrey, Vera Wang, and Michael Jordan who are leaders known globally yet experienced several failures before becoming the household names that they are today was presented and assessed to help students think about how some of their favorite real life inspirations are able to be successful.  The fact that those people used for this discussion are all considered best in class not because they are "the smartest" but because they never quit even among the experience of many failures shows the students that it is okay if you are not the smartest in the class, or not the best at a particular subject, or maybe not that great at taking tests but to keep trying your best while focusing on your strengths with life passion or goal in mind, and you too can succeed. Learning is smart because it is a continuous thing. Each genre of the individuals (Ms. Winfrey, Ms. Wang, and Mr. Jordan) can be studied abroad or perfected in college IE 'Communications', 'Journalism', 'Design', and 'Exercise Science and Wellness' ... 'Basketball'/'Athlete' and turned into a profession in just about any country. More importantly, students can start now with focus on relating subjects and electives such as English, Art, and Weight Training - a class I elected to take started at age 15, by looking at the subjects from a possible career perspective versus just another optional or required course, for encouragement of students to think about their life goals and continue on through adversity. Building the curriculum around what is happening in the world makes class more enjoyable even when it comes to remembering some of the toughest things like, "What are your muscles made of?" *see answer in OHMS PEACE Time with BYOB Training video above. 

Providing Means for Students to Experience and Grow Their Passions Outside of a Traditional Classroom Setting

  • Insider mentor-ship encouraging exploration of all avenues in life we make use of daily such as uplifting entertainment through movies, songs, leading celebrities in all aspects of work as well as leaders seen by kids in daily environments are the keys to helping students receive the attention and focus they need to be successful in life realistically because role models that exemplify consistency even in the midst of setbacks surely gain success. There are intricate pieces of history found at tourist attractions nearby each state which provide an avenue for learners to not only hear of reasons why they are here but feel a part of it for instance with our area such as, the Washington Monument, the Martin Luther King Jr. exhibit, the White House that continues to break barriers for example with our President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, their family Malia, Sasha, and Bo which is holistic embodying change while they each play an intricate role for the nation yet everyone can relate to doing a job whether it be school or work also serving as being a mother, a father, a sister/sibling or even a family pet. Since not every school and not every parent has the means to physically take students to see such national footage but most schools have designated PCs for classrooms, I propose a program schools can choose to opt in during the last period of the day  to partner with 'Facebook Live' or 'Periscope' can make it happen with a group of dedicated individuals passionate in mentoring students with a relatable tone to visit meaningful places and have discussions with people the students look up to like actors/actresses, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, coaches, lawyers, entrepreneurs, our First Family in the White House etc for interview during the live chat on the hard work and dedication despite failure it's taken them to get to the point with which they're at in life.  

  • Teaching the try again concept while letting students experience and learn from it will help guide students to success. In class we find it easier for students to participate when we ask them questions of their concerns, how they'd react in situations such as police brutality that is on their minds, in order to give them an outlet not holding on to hatred or insecurities how to try and avoid such unwanted situations, we also discuss celebrities they've all had setbacks and failures speaking about their biographical journeys and relating the material to solving a problem after giving up, like with an artist that takes a 3 year hiatus then drops a chart topping new album and still has fan support because sometimes it's not giving up it's just taking a break, gathering thoughts, making a plan, and then executing it in a way that ensures success. Movies like 'RACE' and 'Eddie the Eagle' both films are about a person going through extreme discrimination and adversity trying to make it in the Olympics experiencing some self inflicted doubts and a lot of outside hatred even from family members yet coming out triumphant because neither party gave up. After our topics of discussion which are centered around a healthy state of living that involves everyday life it's workout time warm up,  then 4 - 5 exercises followed by organized sports like basketball, soccer, hula hoop and jump rope; work out because students become doers with Kinesthetic learning "a learning style in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations." as defined by Wikipedia.
  • One of the students in the above video 'Oxon Hill Middle School ..." is a star athlete that expressed to me he was unable to play baseball because of his grades; so,  something I stress to students during the mentor-ship program is focus on a positive outlook about grades performance now. I asked him if he wanted to play sports in college and he replied with, yes and while I expressed the potential I saw in him I also explained it largely has to do with his grades and that he needed to improve them. The next class we discussed as a unit, the subject of students' desire to be collegiate athletes through scholarships that one must maintain a satisfactory grade point average to get and to keep a scholarship both athletic and academic. The student's next grade period he was happy to show me that he had all A's and B's and now is playing for the school basketball team. 

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A topic discussed in class centered around a diverse group of inspirational people in regards upbringing, environment and career choices who are leaders yet experienced several failures before becoming the household names that they are today. Though I recorded this piece as a health and fitness tip back in May 2015, it was used in our BYOBT Fitness segment at Oxon Hill Middle School February 9, 2016 for encouragement of students to think about their life goals and continue on through adversity.


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so amazed at how in-depth and thorough this is! 

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Hi Jennifer, 

because sometimes I feel like I can be a bit long-winded, your comment is very reassuring and much appreciated!

Thanks :)

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Today I received some fantastic news, after explaining my idea to Gwynn Park High School they want to do have the Google Hangouts interview with their 12th grade class of about 200 people after Spring Break! I am so thankful to my Mentor Andy Ng  and Coach Lisa Yokana for their continued support and looking forward to the huge success of this project.

Photo of Edisha Brown

The last couple of days I have been posting prototype videos to YouTube for my idea. I was able to use Andy Ng my mentor in one film for which I wanted to use 'Google Hangouts On Air' which broadcasts the discussion to YouTube for you; however, I first joined him to the audience and later as I actually started the scheduled interview and sent the invite Andy was unable to accept it for some reason. So I resorted to  recording that particular interview which by the way myself and students feel was very informational, useful and encouraging using the regular 'Google Hangouts' and also using an app called EZVID to record the screen during the session the app worked well except it does not record sound only your screen; I had to go and give a summary of what happened during the Hangouts session. My next plan of action is to try using 'Google Hangouts On Air' again but this time do a practice session so that should the plan fail again then I will have back up plan of action such as with another third party app which would actually record both my screen and the sound coming from 'Google Hangouts' session. Also, my Coach Lisa Yokana has courteously taken valuable time out from her weekend to email me this weekend, and she's instructed me to post the links of my prototype sessions here which I have done today and am currently working on footage for summary of the pitch project. I also appreciate Andy having given me feedback from our prototype session to remember and ask additional questions at the end of the interview rather than have so much commentary during the interaction. 

Photo of Edisha Brown

This week I have had the opportunity to communicate with my Coach Lisa Yokana via Google Hangouts where we chatted for about an hour on my plans to implement the idea for prototype use. My Coach gave me some much needed insight on paraphrasing to draw the readers attention in my Google Document; while we also discussed changes that can be made to make the design look more professional after publishing my first prototype on YouTube Tuesday 3.15.16 using a handheld device which recorded the laptop Google Hangouts session. I now have taken my Coach's advice and will be implementing a new way to post my Google Hangouts session across the internet waves, working with an Oxon Hill Middle School technician to download an app for that found it runs a bit slowly making the Google Hangouts session lag a few seconds behind. So I played with Google Hangouts buttons a bit and found 'Google Hangouts On Air' Broadcasting which will record your Hangouts session and publish to YouTube when done just another way to implement my Coach's idea of a smoother way to upload the session, and will be trying that out today.
Connecting with Coach Lisa Yokana is quite the experience as she challenges and motivates me at the same time which is hard to do! She's been very supportive by re-tweeting my efforts to get the attention of some high profile people for my prototype and remained reachable for insight via email etc. I am inspired not only by her ability to provide guidance and insights but also by her personally as she has a proven track record of coaching her daughter to and through college successfully who is now in a career after winning as a college athlete; and as, Lisa Yokana will herself be doing a 1/2 marathon in Times Square of NY this weekend, something I've yet to do!

Photo of Edisha Brown

Today I corresponded with my Mentor Andy Ng who gave insight on narrowing down the specifics of what will be involved in my prototype which I have taken into consideration and made necessary adjustments to gain precision with the best practices involved in making this prototype a success. My mentor also has agreed to be a part of my prototype since I feel many people dream of working for Google while some don't even see it as a possibility given its prestige; it will be inspirational for students myself included to learn of some best practices he has created during the journey that has landed him there. I also scheduled a follow up meeting with my Coach Lisa Yokana to get some more encouragement from her and possibly an outlet she feels could help me with contacting some high profile people; so far I've used Twitter and Instagram to no avail with those people as of yet.

I did however manage to use #Facebook and #SnapChat and gained contact with a former division I football player and college graduate from USA that is expanding his horizons  currently overseas playing with a professional league in Hungary for the season, a collegiate track and field coach, college graduate former scholarship track and field athlete with many accolades both athletic and scholarly, who just recently came in first place with her team for their division with a few of the lady athletes going on to win 1st team All-American honors, and the official photographer for the National Women's History Museum as commented on by 'The Huffington Post' whom is also an entrepreneur that has founded the 'Make Smart Cool' program and creator of which brings sports entertainment and a number of musicians as well as actors and actresses to the Internet airwaves.

Photo of Edisha Brown

Andy Ng encouraged me to create a hashtag and get supporters from the school to retweet, like posts etc. so the hashtag for Twitter is #GetOurKingsAndQueensToCollege. 

Photo of Edisha Brown

Today I met with my Mentor for the first time Andy Ng  who really helped me to brainstorm and solidify how my idea will get accomplished, though it was in my mind, it has been pointed out to me that is unclear in my contribution so, I will be making adjustments that are clear for readers to follow. Another point is to start the recruitment process now by way of Twitter for those high profile individuals while my mentor pointed out to make sure that I receive support from my school during the process as far as getting teachers to like, comment, re-tweet posts made concerning the contacts in efforts to get their attention for the prototype session whose goal is Thursday 3/17/16. I will be meeting back up with my Coach @Lisa Yokana and my Mentor next week as well; as it is an awesome experience receiving feedback from them!

Photo of Edisha Brown

Today I discussed with my Guild Coach Lisa Yokana building a prototype for my idea and while speaking with her decided to possibly use 'Google Hangouts' as a means for communication with the students and protege while I also gave a suggestion of whom I'd like to use with the prototype session, a leader in her field whose overcome much adversity : Serena Williams. I have other persons I plan to request their presence such as mentioned in the attached document 'Fitness Failure is Key to Truly Reach Desired Results' and they are : Michael Jordan, Vera Wang, and Oprah Winfrey. Working using Twitter as a means of approach to the people mentioned now and this idea will also be pitched to my mentor Andy Ng  in tomorrow's session as we move forward from there. I am very excited after meeting with my Coach and looking forward to bringing the idea to great with them both! 

Photo of Jessica Lura

Wow!  Love the encouragement and support you give your students.

Photo of Edisha Brown

Hi Jessica Lura,

thank you for showing interest, it's really appreciated! I see we have something in common as I looked at your KIPP program information on getting students through college expressing that the key is not giving up through the struggle and "be nice" goes a long way!

Thanks for the connect,