College Boot Camp

Just as we prepare our soldiers for deployment, let's explore a "boot camp" model as it relates to preparing our students for college.

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In the military, preparation starts early. Soldiers need enough lead time so that there is no confusion or questioning when it comes time to act when duty calls. The mental preparation process leads to a clear understanding the mental stressors that await. The physical training process leads to soldiers confident in their abilities. A common emphasis on teamwork and shared experiences lead soldiers to contribute to common successes and overcome challenges by relying on each other. 

How can we transfer some of the notions and efforts that allow our soldiers to succeed into building a model that would allow our students to succeed in college?

- creating a process that allows students to benefit from the experience of others
- including the families and friends, often main pillars of support, in the process
- emphasizing teamwork and common experiences
- express and address the stressors associated with college to lead to a clear understanding of the steps ahead
- offering mentorship programs
- having someone to mentor-guide new students in all aspects of the college experience- academics, residency, finance, work, health and hygiene

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Hey Lise,

Love this idea!! I was thinking you may want to get Frank Menezes involved in brainstorming as he's also thinking about ways to create effective and meaningful orientations for students beginning their college careers. Excited to see where this will go! 

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