What can we learn from transition to death?

Transition support 4 families cld provide sense of comfort&relief for Ss who've helped support family allowing them 2bmore present in school

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I had discussion with two high school seniors from East Palo Alto.  Both girls had been accepted into UC schools and would be starting in the fall.  They were also both first in their families to go to college.  They talked about how it's been their responsibilities to help take care of their younger siblings and support the families.  They were concerned about how the family was going to get by without them.  

This article about Redesigning the Death Experience got me thinking about how to relieve the stress on the families, and in turn, on the students heading to college.  How might we provide comfort for those "left behind," which will reassure the person who is leaving... for whatever reason?


[Optional] Synthesize a little! In one sentence, describe what you learned from your empathy exercises or analogous research. (Ex: Good advisors make a difference.)

Helping the whole family to transition could help college students be more present in their college experience because they have reassurance of knowing family will be fine without them.


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Great connection, great article--graduating can be a loaded term, and I like how it connects to both education and life (death). Educational transitions involve many systems and moving parts, some of which are personal and some of which are not. Great idea in taking a step back and looking at all those impacted.

Separately and related, BJ Miller's TED Talk is one of my favorites. Loved the article. 

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