Now day I’m studying a Tecnology Degree in the Pedagogica National of Colombia University and I want to share how was for me that transition

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Honestly. I’ve no idea about my vocational orientation , I only had my parents influence, health sciences, arts, etc. And that was just the problem , anything of that was for me.

But that wasn’t the biggest concern when I get to last year, it was the ICFES (COLOMBIAN INSTITUTE TO EDUCATION EVALUATION) the state test, and how his own name indicates, evaluate the education of a person, evaluation that also involve the school where the person was form, the teachers that makes this person and of course the person’s family, so behind to evaluate the education level of a person there’s a big social pressure, pressure that makes all student’s concentration goes to that test through that year .

To ensure better results, all efforts go to the ICFES, the school, the teachers, even the parents who paid a course which journeys are dedicated to study previous tests, their questions and  answers, but about vocational orientation not too much!

A journey that consisted in testing with multiple choice that mediated the possible professions orientations of students, however is curious I don’t remember which profession sugest my testing.

The Industrial Technical Institute Don Bosco. My school was a place where I only studied with men, and how his name indicates has technical orientation , so arrival in a determinate age we choose a “taller”. There was talleres as technical drawing, industrial mechanical, electronic and others.  Of all those talleres and due to a previous vocational exploration I was in the taller “orthotic and prosthetic” which I haven’t  much idea

Being a technical school, the classes were of operational type, we must understand certain process without questions and reflections about his justification, however there was a space when I felt with higher freedom, it’s called “technical fair”, I loved that space, cause we could use the taller means to develop a proposal and present in the fair, so from every taller there were different groups and the best of all was prizewinning, I felt really participating, thing that didn’t happen with the others subjects, I was excited to carry out an idea and show it.

The last year wasn’t the exception and although we didn’t win with our alternative wheel chair, I always participate with zest.

End of the year, I presented the ICFES and also an admsion test to the National University of Colombia , and here is the first close up to the university life “everyone ever dreamed with study in the National University of Colombia” however due of this exigency level and quotas are a few people who enter. And of course I graduated , and the graduation ceremony was long and ritualistic, every student go in front when there’s a table with teachers, managerals, the principal, and others, you get the diploma and degree certification ¡, shook of hands with that people, take some photos and back with the others. There wasn’t any significative emotion that day to me, I was wondering what would of my days ahead.


Newly out o f school and not knowing what to do until receive  my test results, something important started to happen, I started to had enough free time ¡, so there was me in the middle of that time without know what to do I turn up to the different integrants of my family, those who I don’t visit frecuently, so I would occupy my time and maybe explaining my situation they can give me orientation about professional life.

One day I was with my brother Mike and he spoke me about a career since the moment I heard her I knew it would be perfect to me, it’s called “Industrial design” Always felt that I was good in technical drawing which was the only subject when my friends come out to ask me for help, so I started to dedicate all that free time to this new idea of design.

Considering of my first attempt to enter to the National University of Colombia to the career of Medicine didn’t work, I decides enter to a preparation course to the university (something like ICFES course but in this case we studied the admission test) I also signed in some privates and publics universities, now I was with all that time invert in my idea, for the first time I was doing something that I really interested about my academic formation, I felt happy cause’ for the first time I was being myself.

The University Pedagogica National of Colombia

After I presented to universities and although I took the course to enter to the National of Colombia University II didn’t pass, so I had two options: the private universities that had accept me (they accept you as long as you can pay)or the only public university when I passed all the tests and interviews but which program didn’t match with my design idea.

For some reason i was really excited to enter to a public university, the University Pedagogica National of Colombia, which career. The degree in technology didn’t share things with my design idea.

My idea was study there while I prepare again to the test I presented twice, but in that process I found a new fascination in this place were the teachers with different way of thinking to mine, they made me reflect and question everything, now I found a new way to concern de design through education’s eyes.


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