The College Journey of Anya

Anya is a highly motivated and innovated student , in this interview she shares her current journey to find the ideal college/university.

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Anya is currently a high school junior and she is exploring her options for college.  She is very excited about the process and the many options that exist.  She also express a little concern with the process.  During this interview she shares her story. List to my interview below: 

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Students need to know that their high school career should be more than just the numbers of a GPA or SAT score. I Wonder how college admissions can see the whole person.


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"I love looking for colleges based on clubs" -- is amazing. I want to be in the nerd fighter club too.  What does this tell us about finding purpose and fit in that search for the right post secondary institution. This interview is so cool! 

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It reminds me when I was in college; so much of my learning was created outside of the classroom.  I wonder how colleges or workforce  value learning  outside of class.  

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I just love that she wants to create her own Major and wants to consider a school that will give her that flexibility.