Pick Your Hula Hoop Up and Try Again Understanding How to Teach Our Future Leaders Growth Early On by Means of Learning Health & Wellness

Hi this is Edisha Brown BS Exercise Science & Wellness, discussing how to make the race to high school from 8th grade a healthy transition.

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You heard The First Lady Michelle Obama's said, "Let's Move"! What better way to support her campaign for getting kids healthy by encouragement of the entire family than with, let's *hula hoop? Hi my name is Edisha Brown founder of BYOB Training, Inc. a program that encourages individuals and families to take charge of life with Be Your Own Boss Training in health and fitness! Here is a bit of what makes me tick: As a young child I was often told by my mom, "Edisha, you better eat right and exercise." Who knew those words would shape my life? My dad a Veteran encouraged me to be proactive. I chose weight training & track in high school, obtained full scholarship. Graduated with Bachelors in Exercise Science and Wellness I work hard and play even harder because fitness is fun! Now that you have a glimpse of my background you may be able to understand why, after working several years in fitness management, I choose to be an entrepreneur though this decision requires spending my last dime towards business investment; I find the time each week to volunteer with the youth of Prince George's County at Oxon Hill Middle School, 'Home of the Kings and Queens' located in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Working with 8th graders and fellow teachers, the Eighth Grade Academic Dean for Oxon Hill Middle School and the Principal make sure I am accompanied at all times with help to administrate my BYOBT Fitness perspective which gives us insight that some parents do not see, because; they feel comfortable telling us what they are thinking, and that is crucial to learning for everybody. We all know that awkward age we feel "parents just don't understand" as Will Smith said. I believe another reason for the students' comfort level is due to honesty with them about life's challenges even with myself like how you can be confident but people will try to bring you down, how you can try to do things "right" in life yet still deemed wrong but; it's okay to move on. The First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama stated, "Don't get bogged down in the now, your future is your education." This is preparation that is needed because many start thinking about college their senior year thereby missing out on opportunities such as FAFSA and scholarship application deadlines. Eighth graders are already starting to date; why not lead their minds towards healthy thinking, longevity, now? They know my background and it looks attainable.

Here is a brief summary of our weekly activities: I start by presenting the health topic while explaining the "why" behind it as it relates to myself or of someone I know even people in general and then ask probing questions about their thoughts on the matter how it relates to them personally; they proceed to share experiences of themselves and/or family concerning the health topic. Now that I know I have their attention in the discussion, the topic is proceeded we finish with workout challenges such as in the attached document for reference, while they are moving; I ask follow up questions as to what they learned. They are always accurate. The 'Kings and Queens' are sometimes awarded with healthy snacks. I recently applied with the local Giant for sponsorship of our activities to help with that. At the end of each BYOBT Fitness segment, which is held during The Dean's 'Peace Time', the teachers and I discuss class participation and changes that can be made if needed for continued success of the program. In conclusion, failure is a part of life but; success is a mindset like when you drop your hula hoop, pick it back up and try again to finish the workout and race for success through a 'Reach Higher' growth mentality in life.

Thank you to First Lady Michelle Obama for promoting longevity and living by it thereby giving me an avenue to keep moving and reach higher.

*Calories burned with hula hooping are dependent upon the individual. Exercise at your own risk.

[Optional] Synthesize a little! In one sentence, describe what you learned from your empathy exercises or analogous research. (Ex: Good advisors make a difference.)

Mentors that lead by example while listening and relating self-experiences are received well even in the most challenging environments where high insecurities are present due to raging adolescence.


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Edisha -- this is an awesome inspiration for the research in our Discover phase. I feel like you might like Charlie's interview with Kari about what it takes as a counselor to help kids transition to college. What additional insights do you pull from their conversation that might even take your own work even further?


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Hello Molly,

thank you for your attention; I appreciate the commentary and inclusion. Visiting the contribution of Charlie with Kari as per your suggestion, I found it a persuasive interview. Kari's willingness to take on increased class size 30-110 so far this year is quite empathetic and shows her passion for helping students progress; her idea to prepare them for the state exam is similar to my contribution. I believe that teaching students around this age about the availability of FAFSA and scholarship opportunities helps to instill the hope of attending college is attainable despite the economy which is always revolving. Something Kari and I share is in regards to the people like at her school, the 'Kings and Queens' of Oxon Hill Middle majority are also considered in North America as "minority" groups. While I often relate my own experiences as a 4-year scholarship athlete and how maintaining satisfactory grades is essential to keeping college scholarships; I can appreciate Kari's willingness to take on more students as the year progresses. We have instances each week of students leaving their class to attend the health tips and workout challenges but turn them away. I will speak with the principal in hopes that we can be more like Kari allowing those to join in the fitness is life changing fun contingent upon satisfactory grades, which as noted can take my work even further; after all The First Lady Michelle Obama did say, "Let's Move"! I look forward to working more with you Molly; and thanks for your encouragement on looking further to equip BYOBT Fitness for the advancements of students in transition.


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