Innovatieklas brings context and challenges students to take initiative

We tested a holistic approach to co-creating and designing education programs for networks of educators, students and (non) profits to adopt

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Innovatieklas is a concept developed by companies, educators, students, start-ups, professionals and regional governments in order to bridge the gap between education and the labour market. But it has done so much more. During the testing phase the developers experimented with student engagement, teachers needs, politics, building networks, acquiring funds and raising outcome. In the end students only wanted programs like the Innovatieklas (which can be translated in Innovation Classroom or Innovation Grade).

Students gained context of their study and builded their network (or experienced that they didn't like the study or work field and choose a different study). Students learned how to pro actively engage in their own education and creating their own career (whatever that would be, only thing asked for was dedication).

Educators gained a network outside school and universities, outside their own comfort zone. They were inspired by their own students who got actively involved in their study and devoted to get the best during their study. Educators learned that their is a whole network willing to help them in their 'job' and shared their interest.

Governments were excited to see that with just a small investment all their policy making got from 'talking about' to being tested and bringing them interactive policymaking, slowly closing the gap between policy makers and the daily system. 

Business discovered that working together with education and research didn't bring them just knowledge, but introducing them to a next generation young professionals in which they invested with their involvement in the program. They were inspired and excited to working closely with educators in educating a next generation and innovating their business to the future. 

[Optional] Synthesize a little! In one sentence, describe what you learned from your empathy exercises or analogous research. (Ex: Good advisors make a difference.)

Room to experiment and follow impact of these experiments is essential. So are people connecting worlds and bringing people together.

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Magazine Innovatieklas Food by MEO nov. 2015.pdf

This magazine is an issue highlighting the sixth edition of our developed program. It is in Dutch, nevertheless it's gives a good overview on every person and organization working together on this experiment.


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Thank you for your kind words! We think we accomplished a multi stakeholder approach to get everybody active in their own role and working together on shared goals even though we had to face all practical challenges different organizations and different languages bring with them. We managed not only to listen to each other but also try to help each other in our long term goal to actively work together in educating our next generation talents (leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, social workers and so on...). 

I will translate one of the interviews in the magazine. That may help you hear their story Donna Tuber If you may have any specific questions, I would love to ask the participants on your behalf on March 8th, when we have a big 'harvest' meeting. Would you want to hear from the students, the teachers, the researchers, the entrepreneurs or organizations? 

@Jessica Lura, they had no specific role our career. They had their personal interest and the freedom to work on assignments in their projectteam. If they wanted to divide roles, they where given a workshop on team roles and models such as Belbin and a coach who could learn them more about themselves and their contribution to a team. So in a way they could experiment with careers. They kept connected through their assignment the companies provided (research, develop, test). That gave them a great amount of flexibility in assessing who they are and what the 'outside' was asking them and finally how they should 'tackle' the project. They where treated as if they were equal to the designers, teachers and commissioners. 

Thanks @Molly McMahon, I will surely connect with Natasha. I will get some more insights for your community in our harvest meeting. If you have any specific interest, please let me know and I will include these in our meeting. Innovatieklas has been active in Food, Flowers, Logistics, Leisure and Governments. 

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