College Internships in High School

The transitions college students take to the job force could be implemented at the high school level to get students ready for college.

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College students are prepared to go into the work force by internships that students take their Junior or Senior year.  If we prepared students in high school and gave students internships at colleges where students can adapt and take college courses on a campus or with distance education.

Students can then prepare for how difficult college can be and earn college credit at the same time.  Students are now spending more and more time in college, by providing students credits before they get to college we can cut down on the amount of time students will be there and the amount of money they will have to pay back.

At Papillion-La Vista High School in Nebraska and I have had the pleasure to see their Career Academies in action.  With Career Academies students are placed in job type scenarios and take classes while in these locations by teachers.  Students get hands-on training in a work-field they are interested in and have classes and experience to get them through school faster and on to college and work-force sooner.


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Trevor -- such good stuff. I wonder if there is something to be learned from Susan's story on surviving college and not letting it be just chance.

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