Bridge and Share Knowledge between K-12 and Higher Ed

Share between the two to create something better in both.

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I have worked in K-12 for the past 14 year of my life as an educator, coach, and instructional technologist and recently switched to higher education as an instructional technologist. The change has been great and refreshing in many ways, but what strikes me as an obvious and important problem is that there is very little to know understanding of how one system works vs the other. Imagine if we could get more collaboration between K-12 and Higher and help to focus on education in both spaces. If we could somehow tap into using more Higher Ed faculty as guest experts in K-12 and help Higher Ed faculty catch up with current educational practices from K-12, imagine how great education could be!  

What are all of your thoughts on this? 


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I agree, the biggest we face in Australia is market share competition.  Both High End and Low End are competing for middle ground funding in a deregulated model of education, which pitches Education against Learning for learner participation rates and through Return On Investment share modeling.  There are no real winners and quite a few losers.    Learning and Education are a partnership and should never be enthralled in an either-or battle for govt funding, as once outprices the other, making real education the loser in the long run due to cost prohibition and the constant need for increased revenue or market share participation returns.Would be very interested in our teacher's thoughts and views

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