Beyond a K-12 Education

How one organization, KIPP, is focusing on supporting students to and through college.

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I spoke with Craig Robinson, the National Director of KIPP Through College, about supporting students to and through college. Here is our phone interview. (Please excuse the background noise--taking notes while recording phone conversation on the same computer was a bad idea. Rookie mistake.)

Check out more about KIPP's Beyond KIPP program at

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It is important for schools and organizations focused on students getting to and through college set up intentional processes to support students so that they thrive.

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Hey there!  Thanks for sharing this. So much to be learned here... It's interesting (and very cool) to see schools like KIPP and Aspire that originally had the push to get students into a 4 year college are now really looking into how to have them stay and graduate too.  It shows their commitment to continuing to iterate and improve the program to meet the deeper needs of their students.