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When I attended a two-year technical college in 1977, there was no tuition and a start to a career was available to everyone.

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When I attended 916 AVTI in 1977, not only was there no tuition, the learning environment was so innovative. Students worked in small groups and participated in experiential learning. We worked at our own pace through individual learning packages. We could stop and start the program at any time. There were no grades, you worked through the learning until it was mastered. The only thing missing was the personal computer. I was mesmerized by this innovative educational system and decided to go into teaching. I often think back on this method of learning and think of how powerful it could be to change education today.


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I had no tuition fees when I attended university in England - I wonder if I would have been able to go to university if debts had been involved.
I like the description of working on the learning until until it was mastered. 

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