Student designed field trips

Students choose to be experts on a certain subject, and then help design a field trip or invite a guest speaker to teach about their topic.

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We've talked a lot about student-led and student-designed learning experiences. Students  get a lot more breadth and depth out of their learning when they have agency and responsibility, as well as real-world connection. If students chose topics to be experts about and then partnered with teachers or faculty to design a field trip, guest visitor, or skype-session with a subject matter expert, students would learn more deeply about their topic and also learn about the mechanics of designing an experience for their peers. The responsibility of bringing the topic more tangibly to their peers would spark a lot of creativity and learning within the students.

Share insights you heard during your empathy work. Which empathy activities did you engage with? How did these activities impact your idea?

In my empathy field work I found that students prefer to "choose-their-own-adventure" within reasonable constraints.

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Kayla Nussbaum , I love this. Such a great opportunity for students to develop as leaders also and co-design their own learning experiences, connecting to their own areas of interest! Thank you so much for sharing. Hope to see you at the Innovation Summit next week; would love to see this prototyped. Innovation Summit details and RSVP here: