Multi-sensory learning environments

I am a School Based Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Professional working with students with special needs since 4 years

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Often times I have ended up suggesting physical modifications for the classroom for sheer comfort for student learning. I have always been a fidgety student myself. I need to move and get up and maintain my arousal level in order to function in the classroom. As I studied more about sensory systems and their impact on self regulation during graduate school;I started understanding more and more about how our physical environments and the way they are designed( the spaces that we spend our time in) can have a large impact on the way we take in information and interpret it. When I visualize a learning space,I don't see benches and rows and columns. I see a multi- sensory classroom with therapy balls,sit and move cushions,swings, tactile mats and a circular structure of seating where I can interact with all my classmates. Will students performance improve if they were given the chance to explore whatever their sensory systems needed at that time to regulate? If I am able to focus  more sitting on a therapy ball or with a weighted blanket and if that is available in my classroom,will it impact the way I take information in and how I interpret it. If there was a way to create multi sensory classrooms keeping in mind not only the children's needs but their sensory preferences,would it impact their ability to assimilate information? problem solve?

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I have a tendency to sit crossed legged and on the floor,it's how my body is most comfortable. It is also a cultural difference since sitting on the floor was a common practice in India. I often wondered if that posture might be a preference for students here? Do they have opportunities to use that as their preferred method of seating beyond a certain grade? Is it frowned upon if you weren't comfortable using a desk and a chair?


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