Increasing Cultural Competency Focus and Saying Students' Names Correctly

To increase use of cultural competency based practice and support staff in saying students' names correctly.

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This project is working to increase the focus on cultural competency by screening and highlighting the importance of culturally competent practices in hiring, connecting staff with additional resources in training and orientations, and evaluating instructors in the use of culturally competent practices  during a short term interim program with outside school staff. A major component of this is creating an audio roster to supplement the written roster so that all instructors can correctly pronounce students' names as early in the program as possible.

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In empathy interviews with students the impact of being a unique contributor to the project and knowing the instructor came up as important. The other piece is the importance of self discovery as part of the education experience for students. A major barrier to that in short term programing is learning student names (and unique pronunciations). Students with uniquely pronounced names or who have names with many common pronunciations feel this impact more often.


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