Growing Community Connections

A process to create connection and learn about the community by learning about each other.

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This idea focuses on building connection between students over the arc of a program in order for them to root their understanding of community and specifically community health strengths and challenges. The process is intended to build a strong foundation of connection between students in the program so that they can begin to engage others outside the program such as family, friends, other students, and community residents. How might the students' learning and project work be informed by and applied to community strengths and challenges within the larger context?

Share insights you heard during your empathy work. Which empathy activities did you engage with? How did these activities impact your idea?

Our empathy work mostly centered around surveys that were conducted at the end of the program as well as peer interviews about the students' experience being in the program. From these activities, we recognized a need for more empathy work integrated at the beginning of the program and in an ongoing manner to intentionally support and grow connection between students.


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