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Empathy & Ideate

Oakland is embarking on a  design journey to bring to life teacher-created solutions that meet the evolving needs of students. 

Join Oakland educators and The Teachers Guild to design what it might look like to amplify creativity and connection in schools across Oakland.

As you are designing, you might also consider: 

  • Putting student experiences at the center
  • Designing for students in the margins
  • Honoring students’ identities 
  • Celebrating students' cultures 

Our students want to feel known and heard and want their learning to match their goals and interests. Our How Might We question explores how we might amplify the incredible creativity already happening in schools across Oakland. It explores how we might increase opportunities for connection across diverse student populations and find opportunities to connect student experience, identity and interests to both their school experience and their communities.  These are just a few of the opportunity areas to explore below:

  • Instructional design 
  • Physical space
  • School rituals and routines
  • Data cycles and assessment 
  • Community connections 
  • Other 

Try to submit your ideas before the Innovation Summit on March 1st, where we will celebrate teacher-created ideas and select favorites to continue to build in the Spring. 


  • Run a brainstorm. Gather friends and colleagues and start ideating! 
  • Contribute. Share new ideas, half-baked ideas, or your best ideas from your classroom.   
  • Refine. Build on the ideas of others.  

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