Real-world jobs in schools

Students can practice skills by working in real world jobs in school such as postal worker, store clerk or gardener.

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Students can practice skills they are learning in real-world jobs within the school such as postal workers, school clerks and gardeners.  For example, students can work in the school store and use technology or pencil and paper to keep track of inventory. They can use math skills to count money including change due to customers.  Students can make signs by hand or use graphic design to advertise their merchandise.  They will be exposed to vocabulary such as income, expenses, profit and loss.  They can analyze information to make decisions.  e.g.  Should we sell pencils again next year? Why or why not?  Which gave us a better profit, selling t-shirts or selling notebooks?  Students can write narratives, explanatory/informational books about the store.  They will learn about sharing responsibilities and being accountable. 

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Students said they wanted more hands on learning.

I feel this would give students a role in school and a connection to their learning.


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