Nursing Home Visits

Students can perform, read and/or socialize with residents of a nursing home.

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Students of all grades can visit the adults in the nursing home for various reasons.  We can have our students perform our concerts there and have sing-alongs.  Older students can read to the adults and adults can read to younger students.  They can play gross and fine motor games such as using a parachute and tossing bean bags.  Students can interview some residents and write biographies or informational pieces.  They can also write narratives about their experiences when visiting the nursing home.  Perhaps students can organizing drives, hang up artwork, build a garden, paint a room, make instruments, bake cookies, or creating decorations to make their environment more pleasant.  Some positive outcomes: students build empathy, students learn to respect the elderly and sickly, students can earn service hours, students gain confidence as readers, students feel important, students and adults learn new skills, we strengthen community ties, etc.   

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

Students like specials and escaping the normal routine.


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