Learning Styles

Students are Visual, Aural, Verbal, Physical, Logical, Social and or Solitary Learners; why not come up with a classroom for all learners?

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Students learn in many different ways but most of our classrooms are the traditional classrooms with chairs and desks. Why not have a classroom where there are couches, recliners, individual area rugs, areas that are dimmer, brighter, classrooms where a student can listen to classical music as they do their work, desks with chairs, desks without chairs, tents where there is no noise and the student can work in solitude or in a group, etc. If we want all students to thrive in their classrooms we need to find out what conditions they work best under.

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

While passing by one of my second grade students I asked him to please sit down and push in his chair. A few minutes later I passed him again and I said to the student please remember to sit down and keep your chair pushed in. He said to me that he thinks better when he is standing. I told him as long as he does a good job on his assignment he can lean on his desk and write. This made me start to think about how students learn best. Why should he have to sit down if he works best standing up?


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